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Grease Trap Cleaning

Drain problems Ltd recommends regular maintenance to grease traps. If not properly cleaned & operated, waste food, oil, & grease will pass through the grease trap & into the sewer system, clogging the sewer pipes and creating blockages. The results can be raw sewage overflowing into your kitchen and bathroom areas creating an expensive and unpleasant cleanup.
Preventative Maintenance Programs Are Available.
Catch Basins & Sand Traps

Today, more than ever there is focus on the maintenance of our underground infrastructures. Environmental concerns are on the rise and one of the best steps you can take towards a sound infrastructure is maintenance. Maintaining and cleaning a catch basin is important in order to stop storm sewer blockages. Catch basin cleaning reduces the amount of contaminants going into the storm sewer, which could eventually discharge into local waterways. Clogged catch basins might also cause water to pool on streets and in open areas like parking lots. It is imperative that catch basins be cleaned occasionally to maintain their ability to ensnare residue and subsequently their ability to prevent flooding.
Preventative Maintenance Programs Are Available.
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